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To enroll a student in our school please complete the following online forms. Any student that doesn't complete all forms by September 1, 2015 will not be permitted to begin school.
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Laying a Foundation on Christ

We offer a wide variety of opportunities for growth and development.  These opportunities encourage growth and promote interest in learning.  These are provided in a safe atmosphere of love, with concern for each individual.

EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT-Our small classroom setting creates an atmosphere which allows each child to feel a sense of security and     closeness with teachers and children.  Experiences are directed toward a positive self-image, stressing that we are God’s children, He made us and He loves us.

MENTAL DEVELOPMENT-Through a variety of methods and hands-on experiences the children are given the opportunity to participate in readiness skills.  Children are encouraged to develop and learn at their own pace.  Our curriculum provides for learning in areas of language, numbers, science, music, and socialization.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT-Art and recreational activities are designed to start development of both large and small motor skills.  Our play equipment outdoors and in the gym is designed for muscular development and coordination.

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT-Children are encouraged in social skills and are given opportunities to develop, in work time and play time,  good relationships with their peers.  They have the opportunity to build relationships with adults who model a Christian lifestyle and show God’s love each day through direct teaching and all other school activities.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT-We believe that the spiritual development of children should be woven in to each activity, lesson, and relationship.  Children will learn that God both loves them and desires that they love Him.  Through Bible stories, songs, and daily application, they will begin learning Christian principles that will lay a foundation for a strong relationship with Christ.